Skull base 2

Sorry for not posting anything in a looong time. I’m not in school so therefore I don’t have any artwork to post.
This is the result of me playing with a new program (Illustrator) a friday night. Isn’t he a beauty?



Mr potatohead!

Mr Potatohead wordpress

This is a part of a new project. I’m getting more and more comfortable with working in Maya, believe it or not.

Art project done!

I’m finally done with my art project!

The task was to make a false screen shot from a game that doesn’t even exist. My idea was an endless running game with the movie Brave as theme.
I’m happy with the result, even though it looks kind of  simple. I promise you guys there’s more work behind this than I guess most people believe.
It would take me all my life to make the graphics I’d like to do.
Sagospel klar 2
Merida wiews
Sagospel klar 1
Mordu process

Sometimes, playing a game like Tera or Motorstorm is just is such a kill joy. Those graphics…


Finally starting to look like a bear!

I’m sorry!

Sorry for bad updating. I’ve been without internet connection for one week, and before that I simply didn’t have time to update.
Anyhow, this is what I’m currently working on.
Sagospel process picture
I’m supposed to do a picture which looks like a snapshot from a  real 3D game. After I’ve done the characters, environment and texture, I’ll ad some fancy UI and hopefully it will look like a real game. I’m not even close to done yet, so this is just a sneak peak in my current process.
For those of you who wondered who this redhead is, it’s Merida from Brave of course!

New art project!

This is a little sneak peak from our new art project. Do you recognize her?
Merida T-pose


Kollage färglära
3 new versions of the catlionwoman. This time I used complementary colors to do the shading.
I’m not sure which version I like the most…